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Emily Blainey

Emily Blainey, our UK correspondent, was born in Dungog NSW and now lives in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom.
Her podcast Not So Great Britain gives you a front-row seat to the mayhem that Brexit, Covid, lockdown, full-time work, a husband, a business, a cat, one goldfish and two children under seven can bring. 
Find out how Emily, who may have been a juggler in a previous life, keeps all the balls in the air whilst dancing an Irish jig and keeping a smile on her face.
We're not in Dungog anymore Toto!

ben burgess.png

Ben Burgess

Ben Burgess is uniquely placed to offer advice and open the discussion on how diet and exercise directly affects our mental health. After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression from the age of 13, Ben struggled with his mental health. In his early 20s, he began to look at medication options and started to make sure he was leading a healthy lifestyle in order to manage his mental health. Now as a community ambassador for mental health organisation RUOK and owner of a gym, Ben joins with experts to enlighten and educate in his podcast Bendorphins.

julie grant.png

Julie Grant

Julie Grant wears many hats... in fact, she wears many boots, dresses, pants and jackets as well. As her understated official title of Installation Artist / Stylist suggests her passion is fashion, art, style and all things of beauty. A lifelong love for collecting fashion led Julie to open her own store - just in time for a pandemic. With fashion, décor and background music reminiscent of a romantic French boutique, Julie shares her passion with customers who seek her styling and advice.  When you listen to her podcast If The Boot Fits make sure you wash your ears - her passion for fashion is contagious.

Chloe Jolliff.png

Chloe Jolliffe

Born and raised in Tamworth NSW, Chloe knew she wanted to be a hairdresser at the tender age of 8. She started woking at a salon at 15 and moved to Newcastle at 19 where she worked at Hair We Are.  At 22, Chloe thought it would be a good idea to purchase her own salon in the middle of a global pandemic. If not now, when?
Her podcast Splitting Hairs delves into the shampooed and conditioned world of a young woman launching a business at the worst time in history. Take a seat in the salon enjoy a few snipets of her reality and a head massage while you mullet over.


Libby Hunter

Melbourne- based Libby Hunter is an interior and textile designer and the owner of Blue Bamboo - a design and homewares business founded in Bali now based in Melbourne.
​Libby's passion for all things Bali led her to building a life on the idyllic island for 7 years? where she honed her design and textile print skills.
Starting out as a solicitor? Libby's colourful life meanders across continents, careers and and cohorts. Her podcast  Drawing on Strength invites you in to share her experience of lockdown,  lithocuts and life as a wunderluster.

tessa morrison (1).png

Tessa Morrison

Tessa Morrison doesn't mind a bit of heavy metal. As a Newcastle-based jewellery designer and manufacturer specialising in enamel, she often finds herself beating a piece of metal- whilst humming a tune of course. She is equally at home with intricately detailed designs in enamel inspired by the women in Shakespeare's life.
So inspired, in fact, she wrote a book about them! In her podcast The Family Jewels you'll discover what a creative mind gets up to during a pandemic. Not one to sit idle Tessa picks up the flute for the first time and finds herself in an online orchestra.

Cristian Perfumo.png

Cristian Perfumo

Ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition? 

Not like this you haven't!

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