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Martini Mornings
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Life's A Mitch chats with Martini Mornings Jan 2023
Mood Food Radio

Life's A Mitch chats with Martini Mornings Jan 2023

In the second episode for 2023 of Life’s a Mitch podcast I welcome back super woman Martini Mornings on The Broadcaster, Psychologist, Mum of 5, Cancer survivor (For the third time), Author and incredibly kind soul has popped back into the show for a catch up and to discuss some important projects she's been working on... She bravely opens up and lifts the lid on what it's like to have had to battle breast cancer for the third time whilst battling other medical conditions at the same time I really admire her openness and honesty and just how strong an individual she really is... Despite all this she is challenging herself to raise money for survivors of domestic violence working in conjunction with Got Your Back Sista. She will be challenging herself to swim across the channel near the "Port Of Newcastle"... If anyone is able to contribute anything it will be going to a great cause. I hope you all enjoy this story if you wish to learn more feel free to contact Martine and check out her radio network find the links below (This podcast is broadcasted daily)... Episode streaming options at Click here to Donate:…tvfW4MlgYuPhVjQ #cancer #survivor #lifestyle #lifesamitchpodcast #australia #independant #podcast #domesticviolenceawareness #raisingmoney #kindness #moodfoodradio #newcastle
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