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Mood Food Was Born

Mood Food Radio was born out of necessity.


It is the brainchild ​of Martine Paterson... whose brain was unable to retain the many podcasts she had been recommended, read about, or researched to find at the click of a button when the downtime finally arrived - know the feeling? She dreamt of the perfectly curated concoction of wellness awareness, wisdom, whacky facts, wicked comedy and winsome music to feed her audible appetite and match her mood.

As a Spanish-born, triple-degreed,  broadcaster, author, tattoo inkquisitor, Psychologist, breast cancer survivor, dragon boat paddler, sports commentator, domestic violence crusader, volunteer, fundraiser, redhead, and mum to three - Martine has a lot on her plate! What she needed was a smorgasbord of mood food and whilst admitting life was busy her glass half full attitude means there is always room for more.

"So why not start your own radio station?" Martine asked herself. "Curate the very best of unique podcasts reflecting today's community..."

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The Team

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Martine is the brain-child of Psychologist, Broadcaster, Author & (self professed) Eccentric - Martine Paterson.

You wont remember Martine as The Face of Jean's West in the 80's, although she still fits into the earrings...


You wont recall Martine nearly made it into the 1984 Olympic Swim Team, or was Dr Phil before he was Dr Phil for The Canberra City News writing a column as a Psych Intern...


Martine still works in mental health with 2 Masters Degrees in Psychology with her biggest challenge negotiating any one of her 3 kiddies out of the shops without an ice-cream...


So how did this Spanish born author of a book about women's tattoo stories come to develop a podcast and music platform with an amazing cast of DJs?


Well, Martine is not shy of media - at just age 24 year old she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and got busy co-founding Dragons Abreast along with training as a Media Rep for Breast Cancer Network Australia for many years to advocate for the cause...


Martine also bought into her water sport prowess & became commentator in the sport which propelled her into other sporting areas...


Martine found herself behind the mic & panel of FM97.3 with Lake Mac Life Show and Saturday Sports Edition, and again sports commentary interviewing high profile identities such as Domestic Violence Crusader and Australian of the Year Rosie Battie and hosting the Political Commentary Show - Polly Waffle.


It was Martine's community work that saw her as Citizen of The Year Finalist 2019 LMCC for community work. Martine was also noted as 2019 Hunter Woman – International Women’s Day for her advocacy and charity work.


Martine moved onto New2uw to the mornings program, which again hosted an array of national news and current affairs until another devastating diagnosis of breast cancer late 2019 where she had to step back from the mic for daily rigorous treatment.


Martine continues to be a Cancer Advocate as a woman with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, currently filming a documentary for a Breast Cancer agency whilst herself undergoing active treatment for the disease second time around.


Martine swam the Newcastle Harbour Jan 2020 following mastectomy Sept 2019 to raise money for Breast Cancer group she founded 20 years previously:


Martine is an Author with her last published book sending all monetary proceeds to National Domestic Violence agency/ Charity of the Year : “Friends with Dignity”

Martine is recognised as exemplary business woman by Order of Australia Recipient (OAM) Michelle Hanton:

Martine continues to work as an Injury Management Specialist and Disability Advocate working in the community for over 20 years providing court assessments and commission documentations.


Mustang Sally

Sally brings up the sails, winds up the winch and throws the deadweights overboard to keep the good ship Mood Food Radio on course.

If you've got something to say or advertise and it fits the MFR earwaves send it to Sally at 

the team
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The Broadcasters

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Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is a true 80s icon that has enjoyed 19 Top 40 UK hits and has also presented top-rated TV shows. A pop singer, author and television presenter, who burst onto the music scene in 1981 with the classic “Kids in America” as well as her hit version of The Supremes classic “You Keep Me Hangin’on”, Kim returned to the music business in 2003 after a long break and now hosts a popular podcast the Kim Wilde 80's Show. 


Her first-hand knowledge of the era together with her skills as a broadcaster delivers an authentically 'teased'  80's experience.

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Simon Harding

Simon Harding is the host of The Eurovision Show podcast. He spent the best part of 15 years working in local commercial radio across the Midlands in the UK. Since leaving full-time radio exploring other pursuits he eventually came full circle to find himself working as a voice-over artist and radio presenter.

The Eurovision Show was a labour of love – and a way to combine his passion for radio with his guilty pleasure of Eurovision! When not involved in either, he enjoys all things techy, science-fiction film & TV, and is a keen dog lover.​

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Charles Christian

​Charles Christian is the host of the award-winning Weird Tales Radio Show podcast. Charles is an English barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, editor and podcaster.  His weekly podcast, Weird Tales Radio Show, is home to an eclectic mix of all things geeky, ghostly, weird and wonderful.

In 2017 he was named by Sage UK as one of the UK’s Top 100 Business Influencers and a UK national newspaper really did commission him to go on a werewolf hunt on the night of a full Moon. Spoiler alert: he didn't find one.

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Dave K

Dave K brings us Audio Cumulus, The Sound and the Fury Podcast, and our Evening Spin.

The Sound and the Fury Podcast, a series of short shows about growing up in rural NSW, Australia during the 1980s and 90s and the amazing music that blew my socks off during those times.

"Audio Cumulus" (kind of) means "Music Collection". It's a look at what radio would sound like if I was in charge of it. There's a mix of new releases and classics, so it's for those who think there's no good new music these days!

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